Why repave when you can RePlay?

RePlay Agricultural Oil and Preservation Agent for Asphalt Surfaces

Patented biobased technology that doesn’t harm the environment

RePlay™ makes asphalt last longer with one application every three to five years. Over time, asphalt oxidizes and erodes. RePlay reverses this process, adding years to your surface.

Get the advantage over conventional surface seals and forget about costly repaving. There is no need for expensive seals that don’t work and actually make the surface more slippery.

RePlay is 88% biobased

  • Adds new SBS polymers
  • Prevents asphalt breakdown, including potholes, edge rutting, center line cracks and more
  • Penetrates ¾ – 1¼ inches deep

Cures in 30 minutes

  • Reduces moisture penetration
  • Cures in 15-30 minutes on new roads
  • Maintains skid resistance
  • Easy to use
  • Significant cost savings versus other seals

Only a fraction of repaving costs

  • No oily residue
  • No heating
  • No restriping after applying

RePlay protects and preserves asphalt


Left untreated, asphalt begins to show wear and tear soon after paving. Potholing, raveling and other structural issues are kept at bay with RePlay. Repaving is costly, inconvenient and inefficient. RePlay keeps traffic moving when used every few years.


When used on asphalt in good condition, one application of RePlay maintains asphalt for years to come. It sprays on with precision and sinks into the matrix, up to 1¼ inches deep, where it restores polymers in the binder.


With the surface and the matrix below protected, asphalt’s good condition is maintained for 5+ years after applying RePlay. The solution dries clear, so there’s no need to restripe. RePlay saves time, labor and money.

After several years of treatment, I am pleased that the cracks in the roads we treated with RePlay have not reopened and the edges are still intact. We also noticed that there hasn’t been any decrease in nighttime visibility of our lane striping. The overall appearance of the treated roads is better than the non-treated ones and there seems to be an improvement in skid resistance.Floyd Stenneche, Douglas County Road Supintendent, Omaha, Nebraska

Build a better surface, save your budget

Add RePlay to your asphalt maintenance routine and count the savings over time

replay toteRegular applications of RePlay strengthen and maintain existing pavement for a fraction of the cost of laying new pavement. By preserving and protecting their asphalt surfaces, our customers ensure the longevity and quality of their paved investments.

What makes RePlay stand out from the competition is that our process introduces nine new polymers, including SBS and SBBS polymers, to the mix. When these polymers chemically bond to oxidized asphalt, it reverses weak conditions and strengthens the surface. When used every three to five years, our process creates a perpetual road that saves you the high cost of repaving.

Spending $1 per square foot on preventative maintenance today could save between $6-10 per square foot in a few years.

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How does RePlay compare to conventional preservation methods?

There’s no competition


    RePlay cures in 30 minutes or less in recommended spraying conditions, allowing the flow of traffic to resume quickly and efficiently.


    When the surface is clear of debris, it’s ready. And after it has been sprayed, there’s no need for a sand layer like petroleum-based products. With the BioSpan Spray System, flow is controlled from the cab of the truck – not additional manpower riding on back to ensure accurate application.


    No heating = no surprise energy costs. The costs associated with repaving, including labor, energy, and planning time, are infinitely more expensive than the cost of applying RePlay every three to five years.

Applied with precision

With our customized spray system that controls the application rate, RePlay goes on with precision and accuracy, ensuring the solution only goes where it should. RePlay is trusted by many, including these select companies:

Regular applications of RePlay strengthen and maintain existing pavement for a fraction of the cost of laying new pavement. RePlay not only helps maintain skid resistance, but also reduces dangerous conditions compared to other sealcoats.


Use it everywhere you pave

RePlay is ideal for:

  • Streets
  • Roads
  • Rumblestrips
  • Parking lots
  • Trails and paths
  • Runways and taxiways
  • Tennis courts

A carbon negative sealcoat solution, made in America

A Life Cycle Analysis and BEES Assessment was conducted on RePlay in Spring 2009, where it was compared to a competitive, petroleum-based product. The results determined that RePlay has a more favorable life cycle environmental performance by almost 40% because it is carbon negative. While other seals are petroleum-based and harmful to the environment, RePlay is made of 88% biobased material, including North American-grown soy beans. Read more about how RePlay leads the way in eco-friendly pavement solutions.

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RePlay being applied in a residential area of Omaha, Nebraska in October 2017

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