Reach peak well performance with OTx

OTx Natural Oil Thinning Agent

Patented biobased technology that doesn’t harm the environment

OTx reduces viscosity to allow crude to flow freely into reservoir.

  • Full recovery of crude including heavy oil deposits left behind
  • 75%+ recoverable for reuse
  • Eliminates the need for synthetic crude thinners and all corrosion additives when in the pipeline or ships
  • No affect to the oil molecule
  • No economic loss if sent downstream into refinery – converts to high-value polyols

Increases yield 3 to 9 times

• Yield before OTx induction: ~200bbl/day
• Yield after OTx introduction: ~800bbl/dayAt Glenrose in a 60-well test

Biobased non-toxic chemistry

  • Eliminates fracking
  • Lowers recovery costs
  • No environmental damage
  • No special equipment needed

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