Repair asphalt with A-Patch

A-Patch Asphalt Repair Formula

A-Patch effectively bonds and seals asphalt cracks from 1/4″ to 2″ in width. Our unique self-leveling asphalt crack filler is specifically formulated for all asphalt pavements.

A-Patch structurally reinforces the pavement by bonding to all contact surfaces, adding fiberglass strands to the filled cracks and adding granitized micro-aggregate to the mix. It cures in only 3 hours and does not require a sand blot. This solution needs zero heat during application, which means energy savings while improving the overall strength of the pavement.

Bonds and seals cracks from ¼-2” wide

  • Keeps out moisture
  • Joins the asphalt matrix
  • Structurally reinforces the area with fiberglass strands

The strongest bond available

  • Self-leveling, no mushrooming
  • Sets within 1-3 hours
  • Apply year round
  • Easy to use with existing equipment
  • Good for non-level surfaces

Flexible and durable

  • No heating
  • No seasonal application
  • No tear out by snow plow blades
  • No sand blot

One day after application

Cracking disappears

Cracks repaired with A-Patch are completely waterproof, cannot be stripped or dislodged due by snow plow blades, and will fade to match the color of the original pavement within 3-6 months. Get a better looking pavement, free of “checker-boarding” or striping on the surface.

Use A-Patch at ambient temperature on clean, dry surfaces. A-Patch is available in convenient 5 gallon pails and 55 gallon drums (US).

Use it everywhere you pave

A-Patch is ideal for:

  • Streets
  • Roads
  • Rumblestrips
  • Parking lots
  • Trails and paths

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