Strong and fast: C-Patch

C-Patch Concrete Repair Formula

A simple solution to fixing exposed concrete

C-Patch can be used everywhere exposed concrete is present and needs repair. It bonds to any clean concrete surface and is ready for 18-wheel traffic after three to four hours. C-Patch uses a patented fiberglass-reinforced concrete formulation that makes it extremely strong, yet lightweight and durable.

Working with C-Patch is easy and fast.

There is a 45-minute work time before it begins to set and after only three hours, the repaired area exhibits an average strength of 5,000psi. After 24 hours, the same surface may reach strengths of 9,000 psi and higher. This fast set material can be used year-round in most climates. The lowest temperature it can be used at is 20º F / -9º C.

C-Patch is perfect for repairing spals as long as they have been swept clean. It is not necessary to square the repair hole, and excavate beneath the rebar to achieve a good bond. C-Patch will bond to any clean, solid concrete surface and may be used to fill the spal directly. There is a 97% retention rate for spals that have not been squared off. C-Patch will not work out of the hole. Not only does it bond to older concrete, but it also saves the user time, money, and labor.

Combine the power of C-Patch with C-Cure

After using C-Patch or any concrete pour, we recommend using C-Cure to create a lasting surface. C-Patch uses a unique combination of the various types of Portland cement coupled with our soy based polymers to gain maximum strength.

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