Stop dust in its tracks with Encapsulate

Encapsulate Dust Control Agent

Patented biobased technology that doesn’t harm the environment

Encapsulate is the product of choice for dust control. Chip seal roads are one of the more difficult road surfaces to preserve and maintain due to its construction style. Encapsulate helps stabilize and strengthen the bonds of the aggregate layer of chip seal and preserves the integrity of the road surface. It eliminates most dust by covering dust particles and bonding them to the surface. It is biodegradable and safe for its users.

This product comes in several grades:
– Encapsulate-10 for general use on moderately dusty roads
– Encapsulate-20 for roads that are .5-minus with large gravel
– Encapsulate-30 for extremely dusty conditions at 3/8-inch-minus and sandy, dusty roads.

Estimated use based on individual requirements as determined by our experts. For best results Encapsulate should penetrate 2 inches or more deep. All formulations do not effect skid resistance or rain water run off.

Encapsulate is 70-90% biobased

  • Non-alkaline pH
  • Non-reactive to stone, concrete, or other organic particles
  • Does not interfere with asphalt or concrete mixes
  • Non-toxic, microscopic encapsulant which coats and binds the dust particles
  • No special application equipment
  • Do not dilute: requires no water, no mixing
  • Cost effective, safe on equipment and easy to apply

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