Seam Seal keeps it together

Seam Seal Asphalt Joint Bonding Agent

Biobased technology that doesn’t harm the environment

Seam Seal Joint Bonding Agent is an environmentally friendly alternative to bond asphalt seams. It works on all types of asphalt mix designs and will keep from penetrating into the asphalt seam, thus extending the life of the surface.

It employs endothermic chemistry (absorbs the heat from the air) to give you reduced costs. For best results, apply immediately after paving (2-60 days) or during the first year after paving. A second application may be required for maximum results if the pavement has oxidized. Patented.

Seam Seal is 88% biobased

  • Prevents moisture penetration into pavement seams
  • Extends the use life of lifts by reducing the destructive effects of the elements
  • Works on all types of asphalt mix designs
  • Easy spray application
  • Non-toxic
  • Self leveling, binds evenly with pavement

Works in less than an hour

  • Does not affect line paint
  • No heat required (energy saving)
  • No winter time tear out from snow plow blades

A unique, non-toxic polymer based system formulated to save time, labor, and money

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