BioSpan Spray System

BioSpan Spray System

Designed for the perfect application every time

Exclusively from BioSpan is the most effective means of applying several pavement solutions products, including RePlay, Opti-Seal and Protect. The BioSpan Spray System offers uniform delivery and accurate application of the solution. Computer controls are operated from the cab to monitor pressure and delivery rate specific to the pavement condition.

The GPS-guided system adjusts the spray rate automatically, taking the confusion out of the equipment. This system boasts a powder-coated frame and includes stainless steel spray nozzles – it is built to last and make your application process more efficient. Our solutions automatically re-circulate through the system with an internal filtration to ensure accuracy and ease of use.

For RePlay specifically, the spray system includes a self-cleaning automatic flush feature that is enhanced infinitely with RePlay Cleaner, a patented solution formulated to remove the polymers left behind when applying RePlay without damaging the spray system.

  • Uniform delivery and accurate application of BioSpan products
  • Computer controls monitor pressure and delivery rate
  • GPS guidance accurately positions the system and advises the applicator on the area being sprayed
  • Powder-coated metal frame and stainless steel spray heads
  • Three separate spray bars with separate controls – center 8’, plus left and right 3′ wings
  • Adjustable spray bars can be controlled from the cab of the truck
  • Spray rate adjusts automatically with the speed of the truck
  • Self-cleaning with automatic flush system
  • Wind screens to keep solution on the pavement only
  • Wand applicator for edges and curves not accessible with truck

Hit the road, or trail, or parking lot, or runway, with BioSpan

Why waste money on equipment that isn’t specifically formulated to help you work faster and save money? The sleek powder-coated design of the frame includes stainless steel spray heads that are easily cleaned with RePlay Cleaner.

For an additional cost, the system expands with an in-cab printer that certifies final application amounts and distance sprayed for easy reporting and quality control.

The spray system is easy to maintain and use. Its fluid system circulates the solution to insure uniform material application that saves you time.

Thanks to its reduced labor needs, the spray system only requires a 1-2 person application versus 3 people using another system. Labor is expensive, but the BioSpan Spray System only takes one person to mount the system on and off the truck.

Our system is formulated to preserve material and not waste excess fluid.

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