The power of BioSpan products can be seen in three specialty areas.

Pavement Solutions

Dust Control

Degreasers and Cleaners

Pavement Solutions Brands

Keep traffic moving.
With a range of applications for both asphalt and concrete,
each product we developed was created to save time, labor, and money.

extends the life of paved asphalt surfaces without harming the environment

RePLAY Spray System
equipment that accurately controls application of our signature product

an eco-friendly, cost-effective solution that converts RAP into “new” paved asphalt

a natural, safe way of cleaning up after tar and asphalt residue

asphalt repair formula for cracks up to two inches deep

a biodegradable bed release agent

Brick Cleaner Plus
easily removes excess mortar and concrete

provides smooth, complete clear-curing concrete

Concrete Truck Cleaner
environmentally safe concrete remover specifically formulated for concrete trucks


fast-curing, permanent concrete patch for all types of damages

protects equipment from corrosion and dust

seals out moisture, strengthens and preserves concrete surfaces

a natural forms release agent that prevents corrosion

a forms release agent for extruded polystyrene (EPS) foam

Seam Seal Joint Bonding Agent
an environmentally friendly alternative to bond asphalt seams

Talk to our porous pavement preservation experts

Dust Control Brands

Stop dust in its tracks.
Prevent dust from kicking up in the most extreme conditions
without harming the surrounding environment.

is a bio-based de-dusting agent

safely eliminates dust particles

Degreasers and Cleaners Brands

Clean up. Stay safe.
Effectively eliminate germs and grime faster and easier than ever.

Alkaline Cleaner
an all-in-one cleaner/degreaser concentrate

First Choice
formulated to dissolve and emulsify soils

GR-3690 Graffiti Remover
removes pencil, pen, asphalt, and other soils from non-porous surfaces

a waterless hand cleaner

MG Degreaser
a USDA-approved Category A-1 solution formulated to remove medium to heavy soils

Neutral Cleaner Concentrate
economical all-purpose cleaner

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