We develop chemical solutions for the world’s toughest industries that work under extreme conditions.

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Built on patented technology, BioSpan products offer a fresh approach to oil recovery, pavement preservation, industrial cleanup and resource recovery without negative environmental impact.

Preserve, don’t repave, with RePlay

88% Biobased Agricultural Oil and Preservation Agent for Asphalt

RePlay Protects and Preserves Asphalt

Without maintenance repaving is inevitable

Left untreated, asphalt begins to show wear and tear soon after paving. Potholing, raveling and other structural issues are kept at bay with RePlay. Repaving is costly, inconvenient and inefficient. RePlay keeps traffic moving when used every few years.

Apply RePlay to restore and Protect

When used on asphalt in good condition, one application of RePlay maintains asphalt for years to come. It sprays on with precision and sinks into the matrix, up to 1 ¼” deep, where it restores polymers in the binder.

Treated Asphalt lasts longer

With the surface and the matrix below protected, asphalt’s good condition is maintained for 5+ years after applying RePlay. The solution dries clear, so there’s no need to restripe. RePlay saves time, labor and money.

BioSpan brings new, green technology to some of the world’s oldest, most complex challenges.


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