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Our Mission


Since 1993, BioSpan’s team of scientists and researchers have developed inventive solutions for the world’s toughest industries. Our FDA and EPA licensed manufacturing plant in Missouri, USA includes four research and development laboratories.

There, we concentrate on creating new products used for:

  • pavement preservation solutions
  • crude and heavy oil products
  • bio-decontamination
  • environmental recovery and resource utilization of solid waste
  • cleaners and degreasers

As the number of patents granted on our products grows, we believe that our research-based approach – from the laboratory to the manufacturing plant – makes our solutions effective and affordable. Our products are proven to work under the most demanding, real-world conditions to get the job done, making us a leader in green technologies.

Our History


  • 1993

    Founded by Dr. Shel Chesky in St. Louis, Missouri, following his decades of service to global conglomerates including Merck and Calgon-Vestal.

  • EARLY 2000s

    Working with partners in the field, our petrochemical experts began researching new, environmentally-conscious oil recovery processes and solutions with a vision to improve existing well performance.

  • 2003

    Finding success in pavement preservation following the launch of two specialist products, BioSpan continued to focus on its pavement solutions division.

  • 2017

    A refreshed brand identity launches BioSpan into the next phase of growth. Two new patents issued for pavement and energy solutions products.

  • 2018

    Celebrating 25 years of business and innovation in chemical solutions.

Formulated for performance

Our research-based approach helps us focus on what matters most for our customers in 39 countries and counting: performance. We’re on a mission to make science and technology practical, developing chemical solutions that work under extreme conditions.

Professional Affiliations

  • ASTM

Our solutions are safe for the planet and its people

We’re planning for the future

Every industry as a whole is challenged with meeting ever-increasing global demand, while maximizing efficiency, safety, and stability in applications where failure truly isn’t an option. From polymer nano-science to petroleum replacements, BioSpan is bringing new ideas to the world. With several patents to its name, BioSpan continues to invest in R&D to help customers stay ahead of the curve, without costing the environment. BioSpan continues to serve the needs of our growing planet through technologies that help keep infrastructure and operations efficient, safe, and reliable while helping to protect the environment.

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