Put BR-3600 to work on your trucks

BR-3600 Truck Bed Release Agent

Biobased technology that doesn’t harm the environment

BR-3600 effectively prevents asphalt and other materials from sticking to truck beds.

BR-3600 is a patented, completely non-toxic, and biodegradable solution for preventing material from sticking to the truck bed, while maintaining the chemical integrity of the asphalt mix. It is a 100% biobased solution.

BR-3600 is 100% biobased

  • Zero damage to asphalt blends
  • Dilutable in water
  • Works in all temperatures
  • Sprays on fast with conventional equipment

Requires less material than toxic alternatives

  • No offensive, harsh chemical odors
  • No petroleum or silicones

Keeps materials moving with unlimited potential

Outperforms conventional competitors

When sprayed onto the desired surfaces, BR-3600 removes the surface tension between the hard surface and the material you wish to move. Speed up paving applications and cleanup alike with BR-3600 and keep the planet and people safe while doing so.

BR-3600 is designed to work in all conditions and on all surfaces. Unlike other release agents, it is not temperature dependent. BR-3600 sprays down fast and will not release caustic, offensive odors. It is a safe and effective replacement that uses less
material than conventional release agents that can be harmful to the environment. Apply BR-3600 once per load of material.

On a dry surface, the first application of BR-3600 should not be diluted in water. For the second application, use four to eight ounces per gallon of water. It’s easily cleaned up with soap and water.

BR-3600 is safe for the planet and its people.

Helps prevent:
– corrosion
– rusting

Use it on:

  • Dump trucks and loaders, and related equipment
  • Hand-operated equipment, such as shovels
  • All paving equipment – no damage to asphalt mix
  • Anywhere a release agent is useful

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