RePlay: FAQ

What is RePLAY?
RePLAY Agricultural Oil Seal and Preservation Agent is a patented solution that extends the life of paved asphalt surfaces up to 5-7 years.

How does RePLAY™ work?
Over time, asphalt oxidizes and wears out due to oxygen in the air and traffic on the surface. In colder temperatures, the freezing/thawing process also contributes to cracking and potholes. RePLAY™ was created to restore paved asphalt surfaces
and is proven to reverse the oxidation process, while maintaining the skid resistance of any paved asphalt surface. When the solution is sprayed on an asphalt surface, it
penetrates deep into the matrix (between .75-1.25”) and adds new polymers to the mix, reversing the oxidation process below the surface and repairing hairline cracks on the surface.

Where is RePLAY approved?
RePLAY™ is currently approved for use in North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Is RePLAY guaranteed?
It is guaranteed to work as intended when applied properly on intact, recently paved road surfaces (within two years of paving with no visible surface damage otherthan discoloration).

How does RePLAY affect the skid resistance of the asphalt surface?
RePLAY does not impact the skid resistance of the asphalt surface. In fact, it helps maintain the skid resistance of the surface, unlike other products.

What surfaces are appropriate for RePLAY?
Any asphalt surface that is not far too damaged.

How long has RePLAY been on the market?
Since 2003.

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