Opti-Seal: FAQ

What is Opti-Seal?
Opti-Seal is a deep penetrating concrete sealer and preservation agent. It is a non-toxic solution made from 90% biobased material. It preserves the concrete surface by stopping the Alkali Silica Reaction (ASR) and sealing out further water damage.

How does Opti-Seal work?
Once Opti-Seal is sprayed onto the concrete surface, it can penetrate up to 4 inches over time and provide an effective seal. The patented chemistry makes use of green nano-polymers, allowing for this deep penetration, and puts a stop to ASR degradation within the concrete.

What is the cure time for Opti-Seal?
Opti-Seal requires at least 8 hours for a complete cure and penetration.

Will Opti-Seal damage the concrete mix?
No, Opti-Seal will not damage the concrete. In fact, the solution stops ASR in its tracks, as well as seals out any further water damage. It will also maintain the concrete strength and performance.

What weather conditions are necessary for Opti-Seal?
Opti-Seal is not weather dependent and can work in all climates but it must be applied on a dry surface.

Will Opti-Seal cause rusting or corrosion on rebar in reinforced concrete?
No, Opti-Seal will not cause corrosive damage. It will help prevent further rusting and corrosion on the rebar by creating a protective coating.

Why is Opti-Seal better than other concrete sealants?
Opti-Seal is a non-toxic, sustainable solution that penetrates the surface rather than sets on top. Conventional sealants are comprised of hazardous materials. It also stops ASR, which no other sealant can accomplish.

Can Opti-Seal save you money?
Absolutely! It sprays on fast to save time and labor, and it prevents further degradation while increasing the longevity of concrete surfaces. A longer lasting, stronger concrete surface will save more money in maintenance, repair or reconstruction in the long run.

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