CR-3600: FAQ

What is CR-3600?
CR-3600 Corrosion Protectant is a patented non-toxic biodegradable solution that helps your paving equipment last longer and work better. Clean and corrosion free equipment will always last longer and work better.

How does CR-3600 work?
Once CR-3600 is sprayed onto the desired surfaces, it forms permanent chemical bonds to prevent corrosion and rusting.

What types of equipment should CR-3600 be used for?
It is formulated to prevent rust and corrosion on paving equipment as well as other winter weather equipment such as snowmelt spreading materials (both solid and liquid). However, CR-3600 can be used in all applications where corrosion may be a problem, even in warm weather.

Does CR-3600 react with any of the snowmelt mixes? Salt, Brine, etc.
None of them, once CR-3600 has bonded with the surface, it does not react with any of the snowmelt mixes.

Can CR-3600 be used as a primer on trucks?
CR-3600 acts as an excellent primer because of its ability to chemically bond to and protect bare metal.

What should CR-3600 not be used for?
It should not be sprayed onto glass because it WILL NOT come off. CR-3600 is safe on most plastics including lenses on the back of vehicles. Always test before application if possible to be sure.

Does CR-3600 have other uses?
CR-3600 can be used on all equipment because moisture will cause rust or corrosion during all seasons. Corrosion does not take a holiday in the summer.

Can CR-3600 you save money?
Absolutely, it is an economical product because it extends the life of all equipment while reducing repairs and maintenance costs.

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