AR-3600: FAQ

What is AR-3600?
AR-3600 Asphalt and Tar Remover is a patented non-toxic, biodegradable solution for safely cleaning up tar and asphalt residue on your paving equipment.

How does AR-3600 work?
Once AR-3600 is sprayed onto the desired surfaces, it begins to break down the cohesive bonds of the asphalt. It can penetrate through water and works on all asphalt blends.

Is AR-3600 safe for the environment?
Yes, AR-3600 is a patented, non-toxic solution that is safe for both the user and the environment. It is a safe and effective replacement for diesel, fuel oil, kerosene, gasoline and other materials formally used to remove and clean paving equipment, spray equipment and distributors, and asphalt mixing plants.

When should AR-3600 not be used?
AR-3600 is safe on most surfaces. However, it will begin to breakdown some plastics including styrene, and polycarbonate. When possible, always test AR-3600 before use. It is safe on all metal and painted surfaces.

Will AR-3600 effectively remove superpave?
Yes, AR-3600 effectively removes ALL asphalt formulations, including high performance latex polymers used in superpave.

Does AR-3600 have other uses?
AR-3600 works as an excellent degreaser and parts washer. It can also be used to remove coke and other deposited materials present in heat transfer oil lines without
costly long term plant shutdowns.

Can AR-3600 you save money?
Absolutely, it is an economical product because it extends the life of all equipment while reducing repairs and maintenance costs. Protecting and caring for equipment could not be easier with AR-3600.

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