City of Medford, Oregon
Customer Journey

Long Term Pavement Preservation Strategy with the City of Medford

From RePlay to our other products, learn how Medford looks to BioSpan to help its infrastructure stand the test of time

About the customer
In the southwestern part of Oregon near the California border, the city of Medford is home to over 82,000 citizens that enjoy the Pacific Northwest lifestyle at its best. In 2006, they began to understand the significant long term cost savings presented by BioSpan’s premier product: RePlay. Medford started applying RePlay on streets and trails, then after successful testing and monitoring of pavement over a two-year period they now continue to spray RePlay and other BioSpan pavement solutions upon the entire city’s asphalt infrastructures.

Hear from City Construction Manager, Tad Blanton, and how the Public Works department of Medford lowered their maintenance costs and save taxpayer dollars.

Medford wanted to extend the life of the roads without repaving costs or inconveniences.

How we helped Medford, Oregon
Products: RePlay, BioSpan Spray System, RePlay Cleaner, BioTak-4600

Since 2010, Medford has since applied almost half of its lane miles with RePlay and seen a PCI index in the 80s to 90s on most roads where RePlay was applied within the first three to seven years of paving.

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