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City of Medford, Oregon

The City of Medford, Oregon considers pavement preservation a central part of its Public Works department. In 2006, they began to understand the significant long
term cost savings presented by BioSpan’s premier product:
RePlay Agricultural Oil Seal and Preservation Agent.

“I wish we had put RePlay in our budget years ago because there’s nothing like it – RePlay gives us an advantage that no other sealant can. BioSpan’s products have been a wonderful addition to our preservation program.”
— Tad Blanton
Chief Construction Inspector,
Engineering Division of Public Works
at City of Medford, Oregon
“We struggled to find a product that worked with our porous pavement parking lots until RePlay. With RePlay, there’s minimal disruption to parking areas and it extends the life of our most important investments.”
— Rick Masterson
Facilities Manager at Schnucks

Schnucks Supermarkets

Schnuck Markets, Inc. has 100 Schnucks grocery stores in
five states: Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin and Iowa.
In 2016, another location opened in Ballwin, Missouri, and
Schnucks wanted to ensure long term cost savings on their porous paved investments with preservation solutions.


City of Hutchinson, Minnesota

The City of Hutchinson, Minnesota demonstrates how repeated use of RePlay extends the life of good roads and delays more costly maintenance work.

“There are several benefits to using RePlay that we’ve realized, including the ability to open a road to traffic relatively soon after treatment. There are no loose rocks getting away from us and tracking into garages and houses. We don’t have to remove and replace pavement markings, since the material goes right over the top.”
— John Olson
Public Works Manager, City of Hutchinson
“AR-3600 has saved our department hours of clean up and thousands on replacement costs.”
— Larry Trucano
Commissioner of the Collinsville Road Department

Township of Collinsville, Illinois


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